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(babel-encodings:with-simple-vector ((v vector) (s start) (e end)) &body body)
Function: If VECTOR is a displaced or adjustable array, binds V to the underlying simple vector, adds an adequate offset to START and END and binds those offset values to S and E. Otherwise, if VECTOR is already a simple array, it's simply bound to V with no further changes. START and END are unchecked and assumed to be within bounds. Note that in some Lisps, a slow copying implementation is necessary to obtain a simple vector thus V will be bound to a copy of VECTOR coerced to a simple-vector. Therefore, you shouldn't attempt to modify V.
(with-simple-restart (restart-name format-string &rest format-arguments) &body
Function: (WITH-SIMPLE-RESTART (restart-name format-string format-arguments) body) If restart-name is not invoked, then all values returned by forms are returned. If control is transferred to this restart, it immediately returns the values NIL and T.
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CLtL2 - 29.4.7. Establishing Restarts