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(with-hash-table-iterator (name hash-table) &body body)
Function: WITH-HASH-TABLE-ITERATOR ((name hash-table) &body body) Provides a method of manually looping over the elements of a hash-table. NAME is bound to a generator-macro that, within the scope of the invocation, returns one or three values. The first value tells whether any objects remain in the hash table. When the first value is non-NIL, the second and third values are the key and the value of the next object. Consequences are undefined if HASH-TABLE is mutated during execution of BODY, except for changing or removing elements corresponding to the current key. The applies to all threads, not just the curren one -- even for synchronized hash-tables. If the table may be mutated by another thread during iteration, use eg. SB-EXT:WITH-LOCKED-HASH-TABLE to protect the WITH-HASH-TABLE-ITERATOR for.
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