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(with-compilation-unit options &body body)
Function: Affects compilations that take place within its dynamic extent. It is intended to be eg. wrapped around the compilation of all files in the same system. Following options are defined: :OVERRIDE Boolean-Form One of the effects of this form is to delay undefined warnings until the end of the form, instead of giving them at the end of each compilation. If OVERRIDE is NIL (the default), then the outermost WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT form grabs the undefined warnings. Specifying OVERRIDE true causes that form to grab any enclosed warnings, even if it is enclosed by another WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT. :POLICY Optimize-Declaration-Form Provides dynamic scoping for global compiler optimization qualities and restrictions, limiting effects of subsequent OPTIMIZE proclamations and calls to SB-EXT:RESTRICT-COMPILER-POLICY to the dynamic scope of BODY. If OVERRIDE is false, specified POLICY is merged with current global policy. If OVERRIDE is true, current global policy, including any restrictions, is discarded in favor of the specified POLICY. Supplying POLICY NIL is equivalent to the option not being supplied at all, ie. dynamic scoping of policy does not take place. This option is an SBCL-specific experimental extension: Interface subject to change. :SOURCE-PLIST Plist-Form Attaches the value returned by the Plist-Form to internal debug-source information of functions compiled in within the dynamic extent of BODY. Primarily for use by development environments, in order to eg. associate function definitions with editor-buffers. Can be accessed using SB-INTROSPECT:DEFINITION-SOURCE-PLIST. If an outer WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT form also provide a SOURCE-PLIST, it is appended to the end of the provided SOURCE-PLIST. Unaffected by :OVERRIDE. This is an SBCL-specific extension. Examples: ;; Prevent proclamations from the file leaking, and restrict ;; SAFETY to 3 -- otherwise uses the current global policy. (with-compilation-unit (:policy '(optimize)) (restrict-compiler-policy 'safety 3) (load "foo.lisp")) ;; Using default policy instead of the current global one, ;; except for DEBUG 3. (with-compilation-unit (:policy '(optimize debug) :override t) (load "foo.lisp")) ;; Same as if :POLICY had not been specified at all: SAFETY 3 ;; proclamation leaks out from WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT. (with-compilation-unit (:policy nil) (declaim (optimize safety)) (load "foo.lisp"))
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