lispdoc - results for wait-for-input

(usocket:wait-for-input socket-or-sockets &key timeout ready-only)
Function: Waits for one or more streams to become ready for reading from the socket. When `timeout' (a non-negative real number) is specified, wait `timeout' seconds, or wait indefinitely when it isn't specified. A `timeout' value of 0 (zero) means polling. Returns two values: the first value is the list of streams which are readable (or in case of server streams acceptable). NIL may be returned for this value either when waiting timed out or when it was interrupted (EINTR). The second value is a real number indicating the time remaining within the timeout period or NIL if none. Without the READY-ONLY arg, WAIT-FOR-INPUT will return all sockets in the original list you passed it. This prevents a new list from being consed up. Some users of USOCKET were reluctant to use it if it wouldn't behave that way, expecting it to cost significant performance to do the associated garbage collection. Without the READY-ONLY arg, you need to check the socket STATE slot for the values documented in usocket.lisp in the usocket class.