lispdoc - results for socket-make-stream

(ql-ecl:socket-make-stream &rest args)
(ql-sbcl:socket-make-stream socket &key input output element-type
 external-format buffering timeout (element-type 'character) (buffering full)
 (external-format default) auto-close (serve-events t))
Function: Find or create a STREAM that can be used for IO on SOCKET (which must be connected). Specify whether the stream is for INPUT, OUTPUT, or both (it is an error to specify neither). ELEMENT-TYPE and EXTERNAL-FORMAT are as per OPEN. TIMEOUT specifies a read timeout for the stream.
(defun listener-accept-stream (listener)
  (let ((socket
          (http-listener-socket listener))))
    (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-make-stream socket
                                       :input t
                                       :output t