lispdoc - results for socket-connect

(usocket:socket-connect host port &key (protocol stream)
 (element-type 'character) timeout deadline (nodelay t nodelay-specified)
 local-host local-port &aux
 (sockopt-tcp-nodelay-p (fboundp 'sockopt-tcp-nodelay)))
Function: Connect to `host' on `port'. `host' is assumed to be a string or an IP address represented in vector notation, such as #(192 168 1 1). `port' is assumed to be an integer. `element-type' specifies the element type to use when constructing the stream associated with the socket. The default is 'character. Returns a usocket object.
(ql-ecl:socket-connect &rest args)
(ql-clisp:socket-connect &rest args)
(ql-sbcl:socket-connect socket &rest address)
Function: Perform the connect(2) call to connect SOCKET to a remote PEER. No useful return value.