lispdoc - results for remote-addr

(hunchentoot:remote-addr object)
(hunchentoot:remote-addr* &optional (request *request*))
Function: Returns the address the current request originated from.
(hunchentoot:real-remote-addr &optional (request *request*))
Function: Returns the 'X-Forwarded-For' incoming http header as the second value in the form of a list of IP addresses and the first element of this list as the first value if this header exists. Otherwise returns the value of REMOTE-ADDR as the only value.
(hunchentoot:session-remote-addr object)
Variable: Whether the client's remote IP (as returned by REAL-REMOTE-ADDR) should be encoded into the session string. If this value is true, a session will cease to be accessible if the client's remote IP changes. This might for example be an issue if the client uses a proxy server which doesn't send correct 'X_FORWARDED_FOR' headers.