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(hunchentoot:redirect target &key (host (host *request*) host-provided-p) port
  (if (ssl-p)
   (or host-provided-p (starts-with-scheme-p target)
       (cookie-in (session-cookie-name *acceptor*)))))
 (code +http-moved-temporarily+))
Function: Redirects the browser to TARGET which should be a string. If TARGET is a full URL starting with a scheme, HOST, PORT and PROTOCOL are ignored. Otherwise, TARGET should denote the path part of a URL, PROTOCOL must be one of the keywords :HTTP or :HTTPS, and the URL to redirect to will be constructed from HOST, PORT, PROTOCOL, and TARGET. Adds a session ID if ADD-SESSION-ID is true. If CODE is a 3xx redirection code, it will be sent as status code.
Variable: HTTP return code (307) for 'Temporary Redirect'.