lispdoc - results for raw-post-data

(hunchentoot:raw-post-data &key (request *request*) external-format force-text
 force-binary want-stream)
Function: Returns the content sent by the client if there was any (unless the content type was "multipart/form-data"). By default, the result is a string if the type of the `Content-Type' media type is "text", and a vector of octets otherwise. In the case of a string, the external format to be used to decode the content will be determined from the `charset' parameter sent by the client (or otherwise *HUNCHENTOOT-DEFAULT-EXTERNAL-FORMAT* will be used). You can also provide an external format explicitly (through EXTERNAL-FORMAT) in which case the result will unconditionally be a string. Likewise, you can provide a true value for FORCE-TEXT which will force Hunchentoot to act as if the type of the media type had been "text". Or you can provide a true value for FORCE-BINARY which means that you want a vector of octets at any rate. If, however, you provide a true value for WANT-STREAM, the other parameters are ignored and you'll get the content (flexi) stream to read from it yourself. It is then your responsibility to read the correct amount of data, because otherwise you won't be able to return a response to the client. If the content type of the request was `multipart/form-data' or `application/x-www-form-urlencoded', the content has been read by Hunchentoot already and you can't read from the stream anymore. You can call RAW-POST-DATA more than once per request, but you can't mix calls which have different values for WANT-STREAM. Note that this function is slightly misnamed because a client can send content even if the request method is not POST.