lispdoc - results for print-backtrace

(trivial-backtrace:print-backtrace error &key (output *debug-io*)
 (if-exists append) (verbose nil))
Function: Send a backtrace for the error `error` to `output`. The keywords arguments are: * :output - where to send the output. This can be: * a string (which is assumed to designate a pathname) * an open stream * nil to indicate that the backtrace information should be returned as a string * if-exists - what to do if output designates a pathname and the pathname already exists. Defaults to :append. * verbose - if true, then a message about the backtrace is sent to \*terminal-io\*. Defaults to `nil`. If the `output` is nil, the returns the backtrace output as a string. Otherwise, returns nil.
(trivial-backtrace:print-backtrace-to-stream stream)
Function: Send a backtrace of the current error to stream. Stream is assumed to be an open writable file stream or a string-output-stream. Note that `print-backtrace-to-stream` will print a backtrace for whatever the Lisp deems to be the *current* error.