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(max number &rest more-numbers)
Function: Return the greatest of its arguments; among EQUALP greatest, return the first.
(defun maybe-set-fill-pointer (array new-length)
  "If this is an array with a fill pointer, set it to
  new-length, if that is longer than the current length."
  (if (and (arrayp array)
           (array-has-fill-pointer-p array))
      (setf (fill-pointer array)
              (max (fill-pointer array)
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(hunchentoot:session-max-time object)
Variable: The default time (in seconds) after which a session times out.
Variable: The theoretical maximum amount of data in a UDP datagram. The IPv4 UDP packets have a 16-bit length constraint, and IP+UDP header has 28-byte. IP_MAXPACKET = 65535, /* netinet/ip.h */ sizeof(struct ip) = 20, /* netinet/ip.h */ sizeof(struct udphdr) = 8, /* netinet/udp.h */ 65535 - 20 - 8 = 65507 (But for UDP broadcast, the maximum message size is limited by the MTU size of the underlying link)
(babel-encodings:enc-max-units-per-char object)