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(make-pathname &key host (device nil devp) (directory nil dirp)
 (name nil namep) (type nil typep) (version nil versionp) defaults (case local))
Function: Makes a new pathname from the component arguments. Note that host is a host-structure or string.
(defun directory-wildcard (dirname)
  (make-pathname :name :wild :type :wild
                 (pathname-as-directory dirname)))
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(make-package name &key (use 'nil) nicknames (internal-symbols 10)
 (external-symbols 10))
Function: Make a new package having the specified NAME, NICKNAMES, and USE list. :INTERNAL-SYMBOLS and :EXTERNAL-SYMBOLS are estimates for the number of internal and external symbols which will ultimately be present in the package. The default value of USE is implementation-dependent, and in this implementation it is NIL.
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