lispdoc - results for make-flexi-stream

(flexi-streams:make-flexi-stream stream &rest args &key
 (external-format (make-external-format iso-8859-1)) element-type column
 position bound)
Function: Creates and returns a new flexi stream. STREAM must be an open binary or `bivalent' stream, i.e. it must be capable of reading/writing octets with READ-SEQUENCE and/or WRITE-SEQUENCE. The resulting flexi stream is an input stream if and only if STREAM is an input stream. Likewise, it's an output stream if and only if STREAM is an output stream. The default for ELEMENT-TYPE is LW:SIMPLE-CHAR on LispWorks and CHARACTER on other Lisps. EXTERNAL-FORMAT must be an EXTERNAL-FORMAT object or a symbol or a list denoting such an object. COLUMN is the initial column of the stream which is either a non-negative integer or NIL. The COLUMN argument must only be used for output streams. POSITION (only used for input streams) should be an integer and it denotes the position the stream is in - it will be increased by one for each octet read. BOUND (only used for input streams) should be NIL or an integer. If BOUND is not NIL and POSITION has gone beyond BOUND, then the stream will behave as if no more input is available.