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Successful Lisp - evaluated
(keywordp object)
Function: Return true if Object is a symbol in the "KEYWORD" package.
(defun self-evaluating-p (form)
  (and (atom form)
       (if (symbolp form)
           (keywordp form)
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(function-keywords method)
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(chunga:as-keyword string &key (destructivep t))
Function: Converts the string STRING to a keyword where all characters are uppercase or lowercase, taking into account the current readtable case. Might destructively modify STRING if DESTRUCTIVEP is true which is the default. "Knows" several HTTP header names and methods and is optimized to not call INTERN for these.
Variable: A list of symbols used as lambda list keywords in SBCL.
(defun required-args
        &optional (collector #'identity))
  (loop for arg in lambda-list
        until (member arg lambda-list-keywords)
        collect (funcall collector arg)))
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HyperSpec - Constant Variable LAMBDA-LIST-KEYWORDS
( name)
Function: Interns the string designated by NAME in the KEYWORD package.
(cffi:foreign-enum-keyword type value &key (errorp t))
Function: Convert an integer VALUE into a keyword according to the enum TYPE.
(cffi:foreign-enum-keyword-list enum-type)
Function: Return a list of KEYWORDS defined in ENUM-TYPE.