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(rfc2388:find-header label headers)
Function: Find header by label from set of headers.
(rfc2388:header-name structure)
(rfc2388:header-value structure)
(rfc2388:parse-header source &optional start-state)
Function: Parses SOURCE and returs a single MIME header. Header is a list of the form (NAME VALUE PARAMETERS), PARAMETERS is a list of (NAME . VALUE)
(hunchentoot:header-in name request)
Function: Returns the incoming header with name NAME. NAME can be a keyword (recommended) or a string.
(hunchentoot:headers-in object)
(hunchentoot:header-in* name &optional (request *request*))
Function: Returns the incoming header with name NAME. NAME can be a keyword (recommended) or a string.
(hunchentoot:header-out name &optional (reply *reply*))
Function: Returns the current value of the outgoing http header named NAME. NAME should be a keyword or a string.
(hunchentoot:headers-in* &optional (request *request*))
Function: Returns an alist of the incoming headers associated with the REQUEST object REQUEST.
(hunchentoot:headers-out object)
(hunchentoot:headers-out* &optional (reply *reply*))
Function: Returns an alist of the outgoing headers associated with the REPLY object REPLY.
Function: Sends the initial status line and all headers as determined by the REPLY object *REPLY*. Returns a binary stream to which the body of the reply can be written. Once this function has been called, further changes to *REPLY* don't have any effect. Also, automatic handling of errors (i.e. sending the corresponding status code to the browser, etc.) is turned off for this request. If your handlers return the full body as a string or as an array of octets you should NOT call this function.
(rfc2388:header-parameters structure)
Variable: If this variable is not NIL, it should be bound to a stream to which incoming and outgoing headers will be written for debugging purposes.
(chunga:read-http-headers stream &optional log-stream)
Function: Reads HTTP header lines from STREAM (except for the initial status line which is supposed to be read already) and returns a corresponding alist of names and values where the names are keywords and the values are strings. Multiple lines with the same name are combined into one value, the individual values separated by commas. Header lines which are spread across multiple lines are recognized and treated correctly. Additonally logs the header lines to LOG-STREAM if it is not NIL.
(rfc2388:mime-part-headers structure)
(rfc2388:find-content-disposition-header headers)