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(flet definitions &body body)
Function: FLET ({(name lambda-list declaration* form*)}*) declaration* body-form* Evaluate the BODY-FORMS with local function definitions. The bindings do not enclose the definitions; any use of NAME in the FORMS will refer to the lexically apparent function definition in the enclosing environment.
(defun values->base-64 (column values-table)
  (flet ((value (r)
           (column-value r column)))
     (map-rows #'value values-table))))
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(float number &optional (other nil otherp))
Function: Converts any REAL to a float. If OTHER is not provided, it returns a SINGLE-FLOAT if NUMBER is not already a FLOAT. If OTHER is provided, the result is the same float format as OTHER.
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(floatp object)
Function: Return true if OBJECT is a FLOAT, and NIL otherwise.
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