lispdoc - results for escape-char

(cl-who:escape-char char &key (test *escape-char-p*))
Function: Returns an escaped version of the character CHAR if CHAR satisfies the predicate TEST. Always returns a string.
(cl-who:escape-char-all char)
Function: Escapes characters which aren't in the 7-bit ASCII character set.
Variable: Used by ESCAPE-STRING to test whether a character should be escaped.
(cl-who:escape-char-minimal char)
Function: Escapes only #<, #>, and #& characters.
(cl-who:escape-char-iso-8859-1 char)
Function: Escapes characters that aren't defined in ISO-8859-9.
(cl-who:escape-char-minimal-plus-quotes char)
Function: Like ESCAPE-CHAR-MINIMAL but also escapes quotes.