lispdoc - results for compile-error

(compile-file input-file &key
 (output-file (cfp-output-file-default input-file))
 ((verbose *compile-verbose*) *compile-verbose*)
 ((print *compile-print*) *compile-print*) (external-format default)
 (trace-file nil) ((block-compile *block-compile-arg*) nil)
 (emit-cfasl *emit-cfasl*))
Function: Compile INPUT-FILE, producing a corresponding fasl file and returning its filename. :PRINT If true, a message per non-macroexpanded top level form is printed to *STANDARD-OUTPUT*. Top level forms that whose subforms are processed as top level forms (eg. EVAL-WHEN, MACROLET, PROGN) receive no such message, but their subforms do. As an extension to ANSI, if :PRINT is :top-level-forms, a message per top level form after macroexpansion is printed to *STANDARD-OUTPUT*. For example, compiling an IN-PACKAGE form will result in a message about a top level SETQ in addition to the message about the IN-PACKAGE form' itself. Both forms of reporting obey the SB-EXT:*COMPILER-PRINT-VARIABLE-ALIST*. :BLOCK-COMPILE Though COMPILE-FILE accepts an additional :BLOCK-COMPILE argument, it is not currently supported. (non-standard) :TRACE-FILE If given, internal data structures are dumped to the specified file, or if a value of T is given, to a file of *.trace type derived from the input file name. (non-standard) :EMIT-CFASL (Experimental). If true, outputs the toplevel compile-time effects of this file into a separate .cfasl file.
(defun compile-paip-file (name)
  (let ((path (paip-pathname name :lisp)))
    (load path)
    (compile-file path :output-file
                  (paip-pathname name :binary))))
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