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(array-dimensions array)
Function: Return a list whose elements are the dimensions of the array
 Mentioned in:
CLtL2 - 17.3. Array Information
HyperSpec - Function ARRAY-DIMENSIONS
(array-dimension array axis-number)
Function: Return the length of dimension AXIS-NUMBER of ARRAY.
 Mentioned in:
CLtL2 - 17.3. Array Information
CLtL2 - 17.5. Fill Pointers
CLtL2 - 25.1.4. Similarity of Constants
HyperSpec - Function ARRAY-DIMENSION
Variable: the exclusive upper bound on any given dimension of an array
 Mentioned in:
CLtL2 - 12.10 Implementation Parameters
CLtL2 - 14.1. Simple Sequence Functions
CLtL2 - 17.1. Array Creation
CLtL2 - 18.3. String Construction and Manipulation
CLtL2 - 2.1.1. Integers
HyperSpec - Constant Variable ARRAY-DIMENSION-LIMIT