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(usocket:socket-accept socket &key element-type)
Function: Accepts a connection from `socket', returning a `stream-socket'. The stream associated with the socket returned has `element-type' when explicitly specified, or the element-type passed to `socket-listen' otherwise.
(hunchentoot:accept-connections acceptor)
Function: In a loop, accepts a connection and hands it over to the acceptor's taskmaster for processing using HANDLE-INCOMING-CONNECTION. On LispWorks, this function returns immediately, on other Lisps it retusn only once the acceptor has been stopped.
Variable: Some web servers do not respond with a correct CRLF line ending for HTTP headers but with a lone linefeed or carriage return instead. If this variable is bound to a true value, READ-LINE* will treat a lone LF or CR character as an acceptable end of line. The initial value is NIL.